Pale Blue .

Nonprofit 🔥 Podcast + Radio Show @Stanford

She Breaking Glass Ceiling

Feminist Hiphop 🔥 and a mantra == hybrid between a chorus and verse


Building challenges I’ve participated in, and the many rewards and lessons

Jimmothy Leary

Guitarist / producer of a Psychedelic Rock Band

All music written by James Tanner.

Omari, LLC

Digital Media / Production company you can check out here

Solo Piano

I write simple solo piano pieces


Recorded ‘new family’ at my first family reunion for a week, then made music around the tape! 💾


organic vegan green zero-emission website

Noding Bat

Open Source Javascript Coding School built in Meteor js.

The Human Aquarium

Aquariums are sweet, but they take a lot of maintenance. You have to feed the stupid depressed fish, clean the tank, and deal with death. Yada yada. I wanted to make an aquarium of the 21st-century.

Sync up Kanye with jQuery

Kanye Impersonator Class

Day N Night

Changing global bootstrap ui based on time of day.